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Move One Now About PhotoDr. Weber sat down with The Verden Group’s Heidi Hallett to talk about his career and his motivation behind the Dynamic Movement Workshop.

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The Interview

VG: Dr. Weber, how does the Dynamic Movement method differ from other treatment systems in Chiropractic? 

Dr. Weber:  The Dynamic Movement method focuses on the function and movement of  the joints of the body.  It demonstrates that adjusting only ONE key area can produce changes throughout the entire musculoskeletal system. Because of the focus on function, the patient is involved in the process and feels the change in mobility on every visit. This produces enthusiastic and highly motivated patients. It is well known that one of the major benefits of Chiropractic care over other treatment modalities is that we “touch” our patients.  In my experience, the Dynamic Movement method involves more patient contact than any other technique.   Because of this,  the Dynamic Movement method is perfectly suited for marketing.  The workshop will demonstrate how doing spinal screening in an interactive way involving “touch” with potential new patients is an effective marketing tool.


VG: What is the meaning of the title “Dynamic Movement” and the significance of the logo?

Dr. Weber:  This workshop is about more than movement improvement in a single  joint segment. It is about seeing the changes in the musculoskeletal system that results when the ONE  key, major area is treated.  The logo represents this idea by showing a helix moving around a body.  The rapid change that takes place when ONE area is adjusted is like a coil unwinding.


VG: How did you arrive at the concept of ONE major fixation?

Dr. Weber:  My learning began when I was the first student in Canadian Chiropractor, Dr. Leonard Faye’s Motion Palpation course in America in 1979.  He introduced me to Belgium Chiropractor,  Dr. Henri Gillet, the creator of Motion Palpation.  In 50 years of research, Dr. Gillet discovered that there is a major fixation that can solve the patient’s problem.  Not only that, but he demonstrated that  an experienced doctor could adjust only one direction (either flexion, extension, or lateral flexion) within the major fixation, and make profound changes.  Once I started to see the amazing changes in my patients, it transformed the way that I practiced.  Now 30 years later, I am bringing this approach to the Chiropractic profession.


VG: I can hear the passion in your voice now, some 30 years later.

Dr. Weber:  Thank you, Heidi.  Actually, in today’s Dynamic Movement Workshop, I teach doctors how to create a fire within the first 15 minutes of the seminar.


VG: Let’s talk a little bit about the workshop. Can you tell me more about  how your seminar was influenced by Dr. Henri Gillet?

Dr. Weber:  Dr. Gillet greatly influenced the way that I apply the functional, dynamic model to the treatment of patients because he was a purist. He would first locate the ONE “major fixation” which was the cause of the patient’s problem. Then he would adjust that one major fixation in only ONE of the six possible directions of movement.

In the Dynamic Movement Workshop, we take this one step further by demonstrating that the treatment of the ONE area actually makes changes in the musculoskeletal system in many areas (most of which are compensations).  Patients become enthusiastic when they notice that their symptoms diminish even though we treated an area far removed from the painful area (e.g. treating a major fixation in the foot to correct a painful neck).

I call that a “full body treatment” because I train doctors to find the ONE key area, treat it, and watch the entire body change.  The doctors learn how to do it within 7-10 minutes.


VG: Can you describe briefly what participants can expect from the One Day Dynamic Movement Workshop?

Dr. Weber:  In addition to focusing on the skill of finding the one major area of joint fixation, I want them to learn skills for marketing and patient education. That will be a very strong part of the seminar. They’ll not only learn a powerful technique for healing the patient, but they will learn how to communicate it to the patient, and how to use the technique to market their practice.


VG: You teach Chiropractors how to have a successful cash practice. How do you do that when so many patients are struggling just to make ends meet?

Dr. Weber: My philosophy about practice is that it is rarely about money. When money becomes an issue, it indicates a lack of motivation or lack of education about Chiropractic. In the Dynamic Workshop, there is a strong emphasis on patient education.  We involve the patient in the process of their own recovery by giving them specific exercises that correlate with our specific treatments.  Patients become motivated when they are a partner in the outcome. They come to the realization on their own that it’s not a “cost”, but rather an “investment”.


VG: You sound like a man on a mission.  Can you be specific about what motivates you to teach the Dynamic Movement Workshop?

Dr. Weber: When I travel across the country, I am disturbed by the public’s perception of the Chiropractic profession.  They complain that once you start with a Chiropractor that you can never quit.  They complain that the doctor keeps adjusting the same way on every visit.  They get better but it doesn’t last.  Hence, they have to keep coming back for treatment.  My focus is to inspire the Chiropractic profession into a new way of thinking.  Rather than focus on patient retention, I found that it is more productive and fun to focus on patient education, patient compliance and patient referrals.  I teach Chiropractors to treat differently on each visit as the major fixation keeps changing. This creates a healing adventure for the patient.  I have found that this approach causes patients to choose to come for treatment rather than being coerced.  Patient’s are happier and the Chiropractor becomes more successful. My mission is to improve the reputation of the Chiropractic profession and to make the doctors successful for the right reasons.


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