Workshop Benefits

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Left rotation movement (courtesy of Primal Pictures LTD)

1. Learn to help patients by adjusting ONE major area of the musculoskeletal system in order to correct the patient’s problem. To read & hear more, go to Dr. Weber’s interview and audio recording by clicking HERE.
2. Learn to perform a 7-10 minute full body treatment.
3. Communicate better with patients to affect compliance.
4. Learn specific patient exercises that will compliment your evaluation and treatment.
5. Learn how to build your practice by doing spinal screenings using the Dynamic Movement Evaluation.
6. Dr. Paul Weber’s 30 years of Chiropractic success are condensed into a ONE day workshop.
7. Participating doctors experience changes in their chronic conditions.
8. Receive 12 CE Credits from Northwestern College of Chiropractic for  Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, New York and Texas in a ONE day workshop. The cost for credit is included in the seminar. View the detailed hour by hour curriculum, click HERE.
9. Enjoy our “All You Can Eat” breakfast and lunch buffets included in the seminar.


Move One Now Benefits Photo

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