Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the workshop include 12 CE credits for my state?
A: YES.  Click “12 CE credits” for details.

Q: Does the seminar fee include the fee for the 12 CE Credits?
A: YES. This is an all inclusive workshop.  The buffet breakfast, the buffet lunch, the workbook and the 12 CE credit fees are all included.

Q: Can I receive 12 CE credits in multiple states?
A: YES. See the listing of all the states that qualify by clicking “12 CE credits”.  Be sure to bring your license numbers to the seminar.
Any questions?  Contact Sara George, Board and Online Registration Specialist, Northwestern College of Chiropractic, at (952)888-4777 Ext. 178.

Q: Can I register over the phone?
A: YES. Call 1-855-Move1Now (668-3166) to register over the phone. You may also register on line simply click “register here” All of the transactions are secured through PayPal.

Q: I have technical questions.  How can I speak directly with Dr. Weber?
A: You can reach Dr. Weber directly by calling toll-free 1-855-Move1Now (668-3166)

Q: When does the workshop begin and when does it end?
A: The seminar officially begins at 8:00 AM with an “eat and learn” buffet breakfast.  Be sure to arrive at 7:45 AM because you will be examined personally by Dr. Weber before breakfast.  Since the sponsor, Northwestern College of Chiropractic gives us credit for our “eat and learn”, we will be permitted to conclude the seminar 1 ½ hours early.  We will end at 6:30 PM.  You will receive 12 CE credits for the day.

Q: I have difficulty coming all day Thursday or Sunday.  Can I split my time between Thursday and Sunday.  For example, can I do Thursday morning and Sunday afternoon.
A: YES.  Just be sure to sign out on Thursday and sign back in on Sunday.

Q: I understand that the standard rate for the workshop is $495.  Is there an early bird discount?
A: YES. You save $100 if you register by the early bird date.  See the Seminar Schedule page for the listing of early bird dates.

Q: When will I receive my CE certificate?
A: Northwestern College of Chiropractic sends them out every quarter.  In other words, they go out in April, July, October and January of each year.  If you have a special need and want a rush, please call the CE department at Northwestern at (952)885-5446 for special consideration.


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