“I applied the information to three patients the next day. WOW!! They were all impressed and I was impressed. It’s good to be different!”

-Nathalie DiGiorgio, D.C.
Pompano Beach, Florida

“Local CEU’s without missing a day at the office, two buffet meals “while learning” and the professional doctoring of several skilled practitioners under Dr. Weber’s personal attention, made this workshop a huge value for me”

- John Johnston, D.C.
Gainesville, Florida.

“Dr. Weber demonstrates the rare ability to synthesize and integrate very complex clinical information into an easy to understand, straight forward method to clinically assess and appropriately treat patients. For more than 25 years, I have served as an expert witness for NCMIC all around the country and I can honestly report that if many of our doctors had access to the training offered by Dr. Weber, I believe we would have a great deal fewer issues with which to cope during litigation proceedings”

- Robert S. Francis, D.C., PhD
Dean of Clinical Sciences (Ret.)
Texas College of Chiropractic
Expert Witness, National Chiropractic Mutual Insurance Company (NCMIC).

“I highly recommend Dr. Weber’s seminar. It is a must for new beginners as well as seasoned chiropractors. The seminar is rich in content, full of practice tips, marketing and techniques. Couldn’t wait to go back Monday to start implementing what I had learned.
Just when I was feeling a little burned out with chiropractic Dr. Weber’s energy, enthusiasm and sincerity has left me with a renewed passion to practice again. I would be remissed not to also mention the gracious accommodations Dr. Weber and his staff provided for us at the seminar.”

- Anthony LeRoy, D.C.
Nanuet, New York.

“Dr. Weber taught a highly energetic and informative class. His desire and passion for sharing his wisdom is palpable. I am so glad and grateful for choosing to attend this course”

- Steve Feinzig, D.C.
Hollywood, Florida

“A very educational, informative and practical seminar. I look forward to using it tomorrow in my office”

- Linda Nowachek, D.C.
Farmingdale, New York

“Best seminar I have done in a long time. Loved the small group one-on-one attention.”

- Andrea Shaw, D.C.
Jacksonville, Florida

“This seminar will up my game starting tomorrow. I have been practicing motion palpation for 14 years and I learned several new analytic and adjusting procedures. Thank you Dr. Weber”

- Chad Shaw, D.C.
Jacksonville, Florida

“The Dynamic Movement Workshop will help me to better evaluate and treat all of my patients. That was my expectation when deciding to attend- and, I wasn’t disappointed!”

- Martin Marmorali, D.C.
Belmore, New York

“Dr. Weber gives the best chiropractic adjustments by far. I have used Dr. Weber’s techniques for my entire career, which has included working with numerous sports teams, as well as Olympic and professional athletes and dancers. By using Dr. Weber’s chiropractic treatment protocol, I have confidence that my Chiropractic adjustments are given in the correct location, direction, sequence, and for the right reasons.”

-Joel Bienenfeld, D.C., D.A.B.C.O., C.C.S.P.
Pacific Palisades, California
Team Chiropractor for the Olympic Games, the Pan American Games, the Los Angeles Marathon, USA Track and Field and the US Figure Skating Championships

“Dr. Paul is a very knowledgeable teacher and really takes the time for the doctors to learn the materials. He has a great system of analysis that can help any Chiropractor improve their analysis and correction of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex.”

- John Moore, D.C.
Davie, Florida

“The key to Dr. Weber’s remarkable success is his ability to educate patients about their bodies. He helps patients understand that he is treating the cause of the problem-not just the symptom.
Dr. Weber’s patients feel an immediate and relieving change following his extraordinary adjustments.
With his energizing style and deep knowledge of technique, Dr. Weber taught me the importance of giving patients the highest quality of care possible.
Through it all, Dr. Weber has been a powerful force of positive thinking that has helped me transform my practice.”

-Jennifer Botelho, D.C.
Chiropractic Center of Los Angeles

“When I was in chiropractic college, more than 30 years ago, Dr. Weber was the most dedicated, prepared, thoughtful, and thought provoking instructor that I encountered. We are fortunate that he now teaches on the post-graduate level, continuing to demonstrate the love for his subject and the profession. I am sure that you will be ‘clinically refreshed’ by the educational experience he has to offer.”

-Gary Jacob, D.C., L.Ac, M.P.H.
International Educator

“This was a detailed, hands-on, practically presented seminar. We each experienced the improvement of our chief complaint. The instructor, Dr. Paul Weber is an exceedingly talented DC”

- Jay Scampole, D.C.
West Palm Beach, Florida

“Before I met Dr. Weber, I had an appreciation for the dynamic model, but it was his business and communication skills that allowed me to use the dynamic model to educate not only my students, but my own patients as well!
To have a successful practice, business and communication are essential and Dr. Weber is unique in being able to teach a technique course and a doctor/patient communication course simultaneously. His long and successful history as a Chiropractor and teacher has enabled him to unify these two approaches.
His Dynamic Movement Workshop is a MUST- DO seminar for all!”

-Muffit Jensen, D.C.
Professor of Technique for 21 years, Cleveland College of Chiropractic,
Los Angeles

“Information is so applicable. Can't wait until Monday morning because I know that my patients will be glad I was here as well”

- Ken Gosnell, D.C.
Clemson, South Carolina

“Very useful and enjoyable. This workshop has fixed my chronic problem”

- Scott Riley, D.C.
Alpharetta, Georgia

“What a great learning time yesterday was. I learned so much more that will directly benefit my patients. In fact, I have used what I learned and three times so far this morning and gotten improvements in three plateau-ed cases. Now that makes a doctor feel good! All state associations should have you come and teach and all docs should take your class to become better at what we do”

- Barry Hitchcock, D.C.
Athens, Georgia

“Excellent seminar and lecturer. Dr. Weber made a difficult subject both pleasant and easy to learn”

- Jerome Dolinsky, D.C.
Hollywood, Florida

“This seminar was refreshing. Everything was positive. I couldn’t wait to go back to the office to implement some of these procedures.”

- Richard C. Meoli, D.C.
East Meadow, New York.

“Lots of good information on a very big topic!”

- Martin Grossman, D.C.
Miami, Florida

“Very fun to learn from Dr. Weber. He is a professional teacher- very patient while insuring that we got the concept. Great job of going back to the basics- looking at each joint in its own right”

- Tina Alvey, D.C.
Lufkin, Texas

“ I love how simple this is to learn! I love the hands-on and the constant changes”

- Lindy Johnson, D.C.
Cypress, Texas

“Dr. Weber really knows the subject matter. He has a great energy”

- Jeff Brittain, D.C.
Houston, Texas

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